The workshop will be held on September 7, 2020. This is the tentative schedule.

10:00-10:25 long
Umberto Grandi, Emiliano Lorini, Arianna Novaro and Laurent Perrussel
Games of Influence
10:30-10:45 short
Mina Young Pedersen
Influenced by a Troll: A logic of diffusion in social networks with malicious agents
10:50-11:15 long
Davide Ceolin and Giuseppe Primiero
A partially decentralised Ledger for Trustworthiness Assessment
11:20-11:35 short
Carlo Proietti and Antonio Yuste-Ginel
Abstract Persuasion from a DEL Perspective
11:40-12:05 long
Nicole Fitzgerald and Jacobo Tagilabue
On the Plurality of Graphs
13:00-13:25 long
Zoé Christoff and Thomas Ågotnes
Reasoning about Cascading Ability in Social Networks
13:30-13:45 short
Lorenzo Prandi and Giuseppe Primiero
A Logic for Paranoid Agents
13:50-14:15 long
Yuri David Santos, Barteld Kooi and Rineke Verbrugge
Iterative Social Consolidations: Forming Beliefs from Many-Valued Evidence and Peers’ Opinions
14:20-14:35 short
Anthia Solaki and Fernando R. Velázquez-Quesada
What do you believe your friends believe? Towards realistic belief attributions in multi-agent systems
14:40 -15:05 long
Jacques Bara, Omer Lev and Paolo Turrini
Can Influence Assortment Predict Voters’ Bias in Presence of Community Structure?